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The complex

TrulliColarossa is an ancient and authentic Trulli structure, built in the late 1700s.

At that time, the region was owned by Counts of Acquaviva di Conversano, who were still head of the Viceroy of Spain and the Kingdom of Naples.

At the beginning of the 1600 the Counts of Acquaviva emanated the Feudal Fractionation which allowed it to cultivate unpaved lands so far and settled numerous peasants by granting them some benefits (though reserving the exclusive right of property), such as the possibility of building shelters with the local stone, provided with dry masonry, without the use of hydraulic binders such as mortar, so that they can quickly be demolished in case of inspection by the Spanish Viceroy of the Kingdom of Naples, thus eluding the Pragmatica de Baronibus, law imposing authorizations and fees for new settlements, in force until 1700.

The primitive Apulian trulli were built by peasants and shepherds with stones collected locally, on site. Constructed from a single compartment, they were used as temporary shelter or as storage for agricultural tools. Over time, the typology underwent a slow evolution, reaching dwellings of more environments, consisting of a main compartment, and many other smaller perimeter spaces as alcoves.

The modern structure is located just 1.5 km from the center of Alberobello in an absolutely private and quiet location, 300 meters far from the main road and consists of 15 cones divided into 4 residences of different sizes and features, each of them totally independent.
The large outdoor areas are also divided so as to guarantee privacy and relaxation to all our guests.

The surrounding countryside offers fantastic trails between trulli and orchards, ideal for walking and cycling.
It is also possible to reach by walking some of the best restaurants in the area.

the guardian

In their own peaceful grounds, less than a mile from the centre of Alberobello, these three apartments are fashioned from no fewer than 14 18th-century trulli.

When the sun’s out, breakfast comes al fresco and is packed with homegrown ingredients. Link


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